Theralese: Help athletes in recovery stage

THERAPY and recovery for injured athletes are now serious business, and technology has stepped in to further the cause. A new technology that is being used extensively overseas to help athletes to heal faster in a non-invasive way — cold laser technology — is now here in the Philippines.

Cold laser technology calls for a lower intensity of laser that does not break the skin but helps cells regenerate faster. A low level laser, sometimes called a “cold” or “soft” laser, helps cells release their trapped or polarized energy.

The cold laser also sends energy into the cells to help them regenerate. Interacting with tissues of the body, cold lasers cause certain photochemical reactions and stimulate natural healing processes.

They supply energy in the form of billions of photons of light, which the body absorbs at the cellular level and transforms it into chemical energy which can be used for tissue repair.

Dr. Frederico Abella, M.D., has brought the technology to the Philippines through Theralase, a portable hand-held cold laser device that has been successfully used to treat injuries of some of the most well-known athletes in the world.

Abella is hoping that the introduction of Theralase equipment in the country will help ease the suffering of athletes, the elderly, the injured and the recovering, and the local medical community will embrace this new healing technology.

Theralase is available at Organilink Clinic, Aguirre St., BF Homes Parañaque. Practitioners can also get their own theralase machines, plus proper training, from the clinic.

“The cold laser penetrates up to four inches into tissue, promoting very deep healing,” Abella said of the First Law of Photochemistry, that light must be absorbed by a chemical substance for the reaction to take place.

“The immediate relief and enhanced mobility is such a great bonus for athletes, who are often used to having to live with pain while being treated.”

The cold laser has so many applications, since it basically energizes muscle tissue and other organs to heal themselves much faster.

Portable ultrasound machine SeeMoreTM now compatible with iPad and Android devices

A global breakthrough in ultrasound technology can now be right in the palm of your hand. SeeMoreTM, the first ultrasound system that can be plugged directly into laptops, is now compatible with iPad and Android devices for increased portability. The easy-to-use, lightweight and only USB cable-driven ultrasound device in the market can now help more Filipinos with the latest development providing more accessibility and convenience.

“The breakthrough product is enhanced so that medical experts and professionals can reach out to their patients more to ensure health to Filipinos even in the most far-flung places,” says Sedrick Hodgens, chief executive officer of PMT.

SeeMoreTM comes complete with accessories for easy connection to compatible devices. It also has different types of probes for various clinical uses. The General Purpose Abdominal Probe is for the abdomen, uterus, bladder, and Focused Assessment by Sonography in Trauma (FAST) exams.  For transrectal (prostate) and transvaginal (uterus and adnexa) use, the Endocavity Probe is applied. Vascular access, Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) lines, nerve blocks and detection of foreign bodies call for the Peripheral Imaging Probe; nerve blocks and detection of foreign bodies call for the Peripheral Imaging Probe; and the Ophthalmology Probe is for the posterior eye and retina imaging, and papilledema.

The revolutionary product, made in the USA and is distributed by Panasian Medical Technologies, Inc. (PMT), is more reasonably-priced compared to other ultrasound devices because of its portable functionality. Aside from these benefits, SeeMoreTM is a modular system, which means that parts are all separate devices—one or more probes and a Windows computer; hence it can be immediately fixed or replaced when dysfunction occurs.

So turn your laptop into an ultrasound machine now.   Affordable  —  A fraction of the cost of other portable devices.   Anywhere, Anytime — Plugs into the USB port of your netbook, laptop or desktop.  Ultrasound Made Simple — AutoScan  mode. Save, store, and print images. Built in measurements, calculations, annotations, cine loop, zoom.  Outstanding Image Quality — Fully digital B mode; 256 shades of gray.  Reliable — Durable, impervious to dust and dirt. Includes one year warranty. Linda Bohol/Edwin Rollon

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