Unstoppable assassins operating in Metro Manila

They say that one can not stop a determined assassin or murderer. But oftentimes, many of these kinds of amateur killers, who do their thing just to retaliate or revenge on the wrong made on them, are caught by the authorities.

But when assassins become organized and become professional hired killers, it would be hard for law enforcement agents to catch them: they plan their moves, conduct surveillance on their targets, and know their escape routes after their kill.

One such kind of hits was made last Wednesday on Dr. Nestor Yamsuan, principal of Bagong Silang High School in Caloocan City who was ambushed and killed by motorcycle-riding gunmen inside a subdivision n Camarin district.

There had been so many such kind of incidents recorded in the Metropolis in the past that are left unsolved, with the victims just added to the crime statistics and the cases left in the file of “cold cases” for future “follow-up operations.”

NCRPO chief Nicanor Bartolome may say that Yamsuan’s death is an isolated case and that the crime statistics in Metro Manila had gone down compared to the crime volume “on the same period last year.”

We’ve read and heard of such statements from police officials in the past and there’s nothing new in their kind of propaganda.

For the PNP officials based at the NCRPO and at Camp Crame, no amount of propaganda can assuage the fears of Filipinos living in urban areas like the metropolis when such kind of killings persists and the authorities appear helpless in solving them.

When sensational murder cases transpire, agents from the PNP CIDG, NCRPO and the PNP Intelligence Group, the concerned local police units, the PNP SOCO conduct an initial investigation on the case.

Then these heads of these offices will individually submit their reports (most of the time for media consumption), followed by second, third, fourth, fifth and so on of “progress reports” until the story is still “hot in the papers.”

Just like reporters, those whom make the “progress reports” submit them in trickles, meaning they have the whole story but they are dishing out “developments” on the case bits by bits until the story dies down in the papers and later forgotten.

Sometimes, law enforcers are forced to make daily updates and make follow ups on their case when the victims or suspects are VIPs or when the crime committed had been “sensationalized” by the media.

If the crime story is not that big and the incident did not merit much publicity, there is a tendency for our law enforcement officials to just ignore them, a psyche that also had been adopted by their subordinates in the field.

Why bother? It would just consume time, money and effort following up the case that won’t merit media attention anyway.

In many instances, many of our police officers nowadays just avoid conducting “risky” anti-crime operations because, based on their other colleagues’ experience, they are being left to mend for themselves if they get killed, injured or face harassment cases in the course of doing their jobs.

Going back to the rampant killings and robberies being perpetrated by “riding in tandem” suspects in Metro Manila, why can’t the NCRPO, the PNP CIDG and the PNP IG create a joint special team which would do nothing but go after, conduct surveillance and make a good profile of these kind of suspects in order to neutralize them.

I remember the days in the early 90s when Metro Manila is faced with numerous bank robbery problems. The well-financed and well-motivated anti-bank robbery team created by then Col. Lucas Managuelod, former PNP CIDG NCR chief, neutralized at least 12 organized bank robbery groups. The team just focused their sights on said crime groups and then the bank robberies stopped.

If a similar group is created just to focus and go after these hired killers, I think these criminals would be neutralized and their activities stopped.

The problem is that many of our police officers nowadays are just contented doing their daily 8am to 5pm jobs, does no risky tasks, and just wait for their additional allowances coming from gambling lords and other vice operators every 15th or 30th of the month.


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