US orders review of travel advisory vs PH

The United States has agreed to order a review of the travel advisory against the Philippines upon the request of President Benigno Aquino III during a meeting at the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Summit in Yokohama, Japan, over the weekend.

“We mentioned to President (Barack) Obama our concerns over the US travel advisory and he promised that they would look into it,” Aquino told the Filipino community in Japan.
“We asked that we be given the same treatment as other countries… and he said they would look into this,” Aquino said.

The president clarified that his meeting with Obama was not a formal bilateral meeting, but was done because both of them had time to spare.

On Saturday, Aquino also made the same appeal to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper during bilateral talks at the Intercontinental Yokohama Grand Hotel at the sidelines of the Summit.
Malacanang officials said Harper granted Aquino’s request.

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