Home for Xmas: 27 inmates get parole

In the spirit of Christmas, the Board of Pardons and Parole (BPP) has granted parole to 27 inmates at the National Bilibid Prison (NBP).

This was after BPP Executive Director Reynaldo Bayang gave the “go signal” on the certification for the release of the inmates.

Bayang’s order provides that three days upon receipt of the directive by the prison superintendents, the inmates should be informed about their impending release.

The penal superintendents should also inform the BPP about the dates of the release of the 27 inmates.

Those to be released are 24 male inmates and three female inmates, namely: Shirley Alejo with Prison No. C210P-066; Chona Camposanto, Prison No. C210P-067; and Marilou Maricol, Prison No. R205P-099.

They were granted parole by the BPP because of the good conduct and behavior they have shown while on detention. They have also served almost half or more than half of their respective jail sentences.

Once they are released, the 27 parolees should immediately report to the BPP for their proper parole supervision. Philippine News Agency

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