Angue to face court martial proceedings

REAR ADMIRAL Feliciano Angue will face court martial proceedings for complaining against the alleged “patronage” in the military’s promotion and positioning system.

A Navy special investigating committee has recommended a pre-trial investigation on the former commander of the military’s National Capital Region Command.

A pre-trial investigation is the first stage in the military’s justice system, where a military personnel is investigated for possible violations of the Articles of War before being subjected to a court martial.

Brig. General Jose Mabanta, military spokesman, said the Navy’s special investigating committee has already forwarded its findings to the general headquarters.

“The committee has submitted its recommendation regarding Rear Admiral Angue’s case and the recommendation is… a pre-trial investigation,” Mabanta said.

Angue, a member of the Philippine Military Academy, has publicly complained and criticized the promotion of several military officials who were reportedly promoted because of their “political connection.”

Angue also scored Defense Secretay Voltaire Gazmin’s for allegedly manipulating and intervening in the promotions. Anthony Vargas

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