Cabinet men submit accomplishment reports to PMS

IN KEEPING with tradition, members of the Cabinet of President Benigno S. Aquino III were required to submit their respective “accomplishment reports” for the year 2010 by the Presidential Management Staff.

In a briefing on Thursday at Malacanang, Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said many members of the Cabinet have complied with the requirement of PMS.

Lacierda told reporters that the Presidential Communications Group will come out with a yearend report and the President’s message for the New Year.

The President met with his communications group on Friday to discuss the various reports to be presented to the people, the New Year’s message and some sort of Ulat sa Bayan in January. The Ulat will detail what the Aquino administration will do for the entire 2011, Lacierda stressed.

He said there is no planned Cabinet meeting before the end of 2010 “because we already met during the Christmas party.”

The President prefers to divide the Cabinet into clusters instead of as an entire body “so as not to waste the time of other Cabinet members who are not involved in a particular cluster.”

The accomplishment report that Cabinet members are submitting to the PMS “will be a benchmark for what we did from the past six months.”

“It’s important for us to know where we came from, what we are doing now and what we are doing in the future because we need to also mesh the 16-point social contract of the President during the campaign with the medium-term priority development plan. That’s what we are working on,” Lacierda said.

Foremost among the rewarding experiences of the administration is the ability to help people directly which emphasizes on the eradication of graft and corruption and poverty alleviation.

“We have an example in the person of the President, who really epitomizes honesty and integrity and that’s why we are inspired to serve in government.”

Lacierda also noted that the high rating of the President is due to the impact of his poverty alleviation projects such as the conditional cash transfer (CCT) program.

“Our campaign platform of eradication of graft and corruption and poverty reduction have gained the respect of the public for the Aquino administration,” Lacierda said.

He added that the Department of Social Welfare and Development has identified the poorest of the poor where the CCT will be pushed.

“In some areas, we are already delivering the CCT and it’s working. That could account for the rise also of the confidence of the D and E sectors to the administration,” Lacierda said. PNA

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