CPP celebrates 42nd year, vows to intensify attacks vs govt

ON ITS 42nd anniversary on Sunday, December 26, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) vowed to intensify tactical offensives against the government amid the Aquino administration’s alleged incapability to address the plight of the poor.

“His (Aquino’s) promise to lift the people from poverty and misery is a big lie. So is his promise to hold his predecessor Gloria Arroyo accountable for corruption and human rights violations. Poverty, corruption and human rights violations are bound to persist,” said the CCP in a statement.

The CPP likewise claimed that Aquino had become the “chief representative of the exploiting classes.”

It said the president had drawn the biggest amount of campaign funds from these classes, enjoyed the support of the “media lords,” ran the “most guileful” propaganda campaign, and benefited from the manipulation of the US-controlled automated voting system.

“Thus, he is hellbent on continuing the US-dictated policies of neoliberal globalization, the preservation of the neocolonial fascist state and support for the global war of terror,” said the CPP.

The Party likewise accused the Aquino administration of following the US government’s counterinsurgency guide and supporting the strategic objectives of the US stated in its Joint Vision 2020 “to maintain world dominance.”

“It continues the widespread militarization and brutal military campaigns of suppression unleashed by its counterrevolutionary predecessors,” said the CPP.

It also assailed the Philippine government for allegedly using the peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front “as for deceiving the people and pressuring the NDFP towards capitulation.”

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