Fight ‘culture of death,’ bishop tells Catholics

SAYING that human life is in danger of being violently assaulted due to a prevailing contraceptive mentality, Bacolod Bishop Vicente Navarra called on the faithful of his diocese to protect life and not to forget “the gift of human life we have received from the Almighty Father.”

In his Christmas Message, the 71-year old prelate said in Philippine society human life at the moment of conception is violently assailed by the culture of death because of what he described as rampant contraceptive and abortionist mentality.

Navarra urged parents, especially mothers “to have, like Mary, a great awe of the presence of the new human life implanted in their womb, and allow the same to be born into the world.”

The bishop advised teenagers and young people to maintain “great respect for their own bodies and also the opposite sex, and never to succumb to the enticing temptations of using their generative power for curious experimentation and selfish gratification.”

He also called on well-meaning people to help fight evil forces that pursue the culture of death.

“I urge you to support all initiatives to form among our people true and correct moral conscience than can distinguish between what is morally good and evil, what protects life and what foments death of the unborn child,” he said.

Navarra said Christmases and New Years come and go and people keep on shouting “Human Rights should be protected! Human Dignity should be upheld!” though people forget the “first human right” and “human dignity” to be protected and upheld belong to the most helpless and often marginalized unborn child!

He underscored the need to rally behind Human Life “from the womb to tomb.” CBCP News

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