Higher toll fees at NLEX starting New Year’s Day

Effective Saturday, January 1, 2011, the toll fees at the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) will be up by 11.8 percent.

It means that the P36 peso toll fee from Balintawak toll plaza to the Bocaue toll plaza will now be P41, the Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC) announced on Friday.

An additional P2.38 per kilometer will also be charged for class 1 vehicles.

Maylene Ochoa, vice president for corporate communication of MNTC, said the Tollways Regulatory Board (TRB) has provisionally approved, in accordance with legal requirements, the new authorized toll rates for the closed system and open system at the NLEX.

Ochoa said that this is the first time that MNTC has adjusted its toll rates since the opening of NLEX in 2005.

She explained that in January 2007, the toll rates went down by 11.6percent and it further went down from the previous 2007 rates by 3.1 percent in the July 2008 toll rates.

Ochoa also said that the January 2011 toll rates will still be lower than the opening toll rates in 2005.

She said the toll rates in 2005 from Balintawak to Bocaue was at P42 pesos or a peso lower compared to the January 2011 toll rates.

She said that the Tollways Management Corporation (TMC) , operator of the NLEX, is improving the facilities at NLEX to make it more safer and convenient to motorists using the NLEX through using advanced technologies in the management of the expressway.

Meanwhile, the TMC has deployed six traffic assistance marshals and three motorists assistance patrol teams at the Bocaue exit here as they braced for the influx of motorists going to Bocaue in a last minute rush to buy fireworks especially along fireworks stores in Barangay Turo here.

Benigno C. Valles, TMC senior manager for corporate communication, said that ambulances with paramedics and fire trucks are also on 24/7 alert status, ready to be dispatched in case accidents or explosions broke out at the rows of fireworks stores located along F. Halili road in Barangay Turo.

He said that the volume of traffic at the Bocaue exit has started to clog-up since Thursday noon and continue to increase.

Francisco Dagohoy, TMC media relation specialist, said that in order to keep the road safe and traffic to flow smoothly, NLEX Traffic Operations will deploy 10 patrol vehicles at any given time, but will be stationary in strategic areas to deter unsafe driving of some motorists, except when patrol personnel is on intervention.

Motorcycle riders and roving patrol vehicles will also be ready to assist in the interchanges in case of traffic build up.

He also said that with the experience of TMC in the past holidays, the manpower and equipment that will be deployed are sufficient to ensure safe, fast and comfortable travel inside the expressway.

For assistance and inquiries, motorists are advised to call the NLEX hotline (02) 580-8910, 3500 or (0920) 96-SCTEX (72839) for SCTEX.

These hotlines are available 24 hours a day. PNA

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