Migrante welcomes UAE’s new rule

MIGRANTE welcomed over the weekend the move of the United Arab Emirates to ease the implementation of its “sponsor” system, which many believe is like “bonded” labor.

Nhel Morona, Migrante head in UAE, said the new regulation will allow a worker to work with another employer after finishing a previous contract.

Under the “sponsor” system, a hired expatriate worker cannot transfer from one employer to another without the consent of his sponsor.

The “sponsor” system is widely enforced in Arab states until some members of the Gulf Cooperating Council moved for its abolition. Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE are seriously considering to ease its implementation.

“We welcome the move by the UAE government when it eases its ‘sponsor’ rule,” said Morona.

The sponsorship system serves as the legal basis for an expatriates employment in Arab states. Migrant workers cannot enter, work, change jobs or leave the country until they have permission from their sponsor, usually a citizen of a Gulf country.

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