Oil Spiel

THE only way for First Philippine Industrial Corporation (FPIC) to recover its tarnished public image is to admit with finality the leak that adversely affected the West Tower Condominium and pay restitution damages to its residents. The pursuit of truth is the best public relations strategy. Honesty and integrity are its best weapons.

The problem with FPIC is that it doesn’t want to spend. Nurtured in a culture of pelf and power, its powers-that-be could hardly take that they would have to take their checkbooks out and spend for the damage to the environment and people. For them, the profit picture of their company is the first priority.

Modern public relations says that sticking to the old-fashioned belief that honesty is best policy is equally the best PR. Johnson & Johnson has shown this lesson when it did not hesitate to spend a fortune to withdraw those Tylenol tablets worldwide, replace them with tampered-proof new ones, and conduct global information campaign. Look at J & J today.

By biting the bitter pill, it has come out stronger and more clearly sighted about its corporate role in a globalized economy. J & J has truly become a responsible global firm.

The problem with FPIC is that coming to grip with reality means huge expenditures.  It sticks to the sucking belief that, first and foremost, its responsibility is to its stockholders and not – and never – to the public. It could not believe that its irresponsibility would mean tremendous expenses and loss of goodwill. This is sad. While other people – rich or poor- believe that anybody has a price, the FPIC surreptitiously thinks that it does not have to spend when it could avoid it in any way – fair or foul.

While other people think that its checkbook is its best weapon, FPIC secretly adheres its firm hold on its wallet is the best PR strategy,

In this game of corporate PR, those who don’t want to spend for the restitution of the damages it has brought to the environment and people do not stand a ghost of a chance to recover whatever goodwill it has in the economy. Misers lose all they have including their names.


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