Peace on Earth, condoms to all men (and women)!

AT LAST they’ve agreed! And it can be a merry Christmas after all.

The Palace and the Cathedral, twins that seem not to meet, agreed yesterday to have a joint initiative to inform the public that, yes, Fort Nicolas!, family planning is important to both.

An information drive that will include distributing materials featuring condoms, and what else, is part of the deal, este, of the agreement. The aim is to promote family planning – natural or otherwise – to ignorant, good for nothing, scum of the earth in this country of ours who breed like mice.

“We agreed that we will come up with information materials that will provide well-rounded information to our people about the concerns on responsible parenthood and reproductive health,” said Monsignor Juanito Figura.

He said the government, at least the officials the bishops met yesterday, also agreed not to allow itself to be used “as an instrument to enforce or violate the conscience of the people.”

Big deal! The bishops even agreed that the current arrangement between the Palace and the Cathedral will not influence the ongoing debate in Congress over the controversial reproductive health bill.

At first glance the agreement seems so normal to merit our attention. But there’s something else. And yes, Fort Nicolas, condoms (for men and women, I suppose) are included in the information materials that will be distributed to the public.

President Aquino’s spokesman, Edwin Lacierda, said the campaign materials will contain various methods of family planning – natural and artificial. “We believe that full information must be given to the public for them to come up with a decision on family planning,” he said. “There is no question whether or not contraceptives will be included. It will be,” he added.

Monsignor Figura confirmed it. He, however, said that the information materials will also include “warnings” of possible ill-effects to health of contraceptives use. Information will state whether a particular method conforms to the teachings of the Church. (Warning: Use of Condoms is Dangerous to Your Morals!)

Is the Church or its leaders indeed going soft? Well, at least they are talking and making themselves relevant.

Meanwhile, because it’s the start of Simbang Gabi and we’re feeling spiritual, let me invite those who know how to read to look for the latest book of Karl Gaspar. Those who lived through the 70s and the 80s might know Karl as one of those Church-based activists in the league of Ed dela Torre, Ed Garcia, and the rest of the gang whose names I forget. Karl is now a Redemptorist brother and has just launched his “The Masses Are Messiah, Contemplating the Filipino Soul” book.

It’s supposed to be about the Filipino spirituality (Anyone interested?). Karl supposedly described our spirituality as something at a level “where it still has to evolve further so that the country can be said to already mirror God’s reign in terms of just, tender and compassionate relationships among peoples.” Heavy-gat, no? Joe Torres

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