Stubborn Malolos City Water District officials

THE Civil Service Commission (CSC) has charged the 5-man board of the City of Malolos Water District (CMWD) with Indirect Contempt for their alleged “deliberate and stubborn refusal” to implement six CSC resolutions reinstating with back wages seven employees they illegally terminated in November last year.

In a strongly-worded resolution, the CSC said that after carefully perusing the records of the case, the commission is convinced that there exists a prima facie case for indirect contempt against the 5-man CMWD board led by Atty. Imelda Manalaysay.

In its decision, the CSC said the case “will also be referred (by the CSC) to the Office of the Ombudsman for the filing of the appropriate criminal action against the CMWD Board of Directors.”

Atty. Manalaysay, who is also facing a disbarment case before the Supreme Court filed by the people whom she illegally terminated at the CMWD, was given by the CSC until Monday next week to submit her board’s answer within 10 days from receipt of its Resolution No. 1000437 dated December 7, 2010 and signed by CSC Commissioner Mary Ann Z. Fernandez-Mendoza.

The CSC told the CMWD board that the commission will not entertain any motion to dismiss or for bill of particulars, “and in case such is submitted, the same shall be evaluated as the answer.”

The CSC board also advised the CMWD board of its right to engage the services of a counsel of its own choice.


Under the Revised Rules on Contempt (CSC Resolution No. 07-1245 dated June 22, 2007), the punishment for disobedience or refusal to implement CSC resolutions include a fine of P1,000 per day for every act of indirect contempt; the cost of proceedings, including the payment of interest on damages they made against the aggrieved party/ies.

The CSC had judiciously studied the answers and arguments of the CMWD board to justify its past actions, including the series of palpable board resolutions they made about the case, but many, if not all, of them were rejected by the CSC.

The 5-man CMWD board, it appears, had allegedly been used and misled by Atty. Manalaysay into a wrong path, and that is to defy six lawful orders imposed by the CSC to the board. The other board members allegedly have nobody to blame, except her, for the current legal problem they now face.

The board members, who were appointees of former Malolos City Mayor Danny Domingo, also openly defied the “wishes” of incumbent Malolos City Mayor Christian Natividad, for them to allow the reinstatement of former CMWD general manager Nicacio Reyes and six of his subordinates based on said six CSC Resolutions.

Atty. Manalaysay, who is set to end her term as CMWD board member by the end of this month, reportedly has sought the intervention of certain Bulacan provincial officials to rally for their cause. But her efforts appeared to have fallen on deaf ears.

Observers from the Malolos City Hall say that the members of the CMWD board led by Atty. Manalaysay may all have thought that they personally own and can impose their whims and caprices to the company which is considered a government-owned and controlled corporation.


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