Too much law, too little justice

NOW I’m convinced that in this country there is too much of law, but there is little of justice.

After 15 years, Hubert Webb and six others were acquitted of the Vizconde massacre after the Supreme Court ruled that the prosecution failed “to prove their guilt beyond reasonable doubt.”

All of them have been released after the High Court penned its 38-page decision  which noted that “incredible and unbelievable “ testimony of eyewitness Jessica Alfaro and the alibi presented by Webb that he was in the United States at the time of the crime.

Even the mischievous  Hayden Kho was found innocent in the P100 million civil case filed by young movie actress Katrina Halili who sought damages after their sex video was circulated on the internet last year.

The male hunk had not sinned since the Pasig Court found that Halili consented to the taking by the accused of three prior video recordings showing her and the unethical doctor performing together salacious acts.

The resolution of these two celebrated cases happened at a time when it was supposed to be the season of merriment for the Filipino family and the Philippines having the longest Yuletide celebration in the world The Webbs can now partake as a family of their ham and quezo de bola in their posh condominium by the bay during their Noche Buena since Hubert has been freed— and considered innocent.  Hubert survived the ordeal.

Hubert can again resume a normal life, hopefully no longer a teenager since he has matured in jail.

The justices also prevailed in the end. They have shown that no matter how the slow the wheels of justice grind, you can always wish for the best in the end if you have the best lawyers in town. That is the judicial process.

Now it can also be said that we are a country that glorifies machismo.

After being the villain for years, Hubert and Hayden now symbolize the lost generation of young and confused people who had pondered sex, drugs and other deplorable acts, only to emerge as victors in their own legal battles.

With a little help from their friends, I won’t be surprised that, one day, these perceived thugs of society will come out being model citizens despite their extremely sordid misadventures in life.

One day,  Hubert’s life story can even be filmed. I’m no gambler, but I’m willing to bet that this will be a  blockbuster – if not a shocker–  in the likes of the  films portrayed by Ramon Revilla.

Hayden still  remains a celebrity and, if we are to believe the media, this male sex symbol is  still an idol to his admirers like Dr. Vicki Belo because he dared expose his sexual prowess for the world to see.

He even dared come out with his own brand of perfume, even if  some of us think he stinks.

It is really difficult to debate on the issue that in these long-running stories of  two  privileged alpha males. Only  the Vizcondes and Miss Halili were real the losers, and they were women–  a sector that has always been classified in the NGO community as underprivileged.

The Vizcondes were not just battered women. They were gang-raped and killed.

Miss Halili wasn’t just abused. She was subjected to worldwide humiliation.

Still, our legal luminaries can say that this is not a case of women getting the brunt of inequality in the eyes of the law. The High Court had also shown how a grieving woman like former First Lady Imelda Marcos was allowed  to recover her beachfront mansion, which she claimed was the property where her father was born.

Yes, Mrs. Marcos cried and she had always believed her family remains  persecuted after her husband, the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, was ousted from power. She was also linked to the alleged  conjugal plunder during their 20 years in power.

For Hubert, let’s just put it this way—if he was really innocent—that justice denied is still justice delayed. Kho, even if he got away with it, is still the pervert until he can prove that he has indeed repented from his immoral acts  because he has not been punished by the courts.

But the  crimes committed  against the Vizcondes and Miss Halili were too monstrous and must  never be repeated. Joel Paredes

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