‘Headless chicken’

IT’S bad enough that the state subsidy for MRT-3 passengers is being withdrawn. Its withdrawal means that riders would be paying a fare that is either at par or higher than what they usually pay in aircon buses. In short, this is another burden for the passengers.

But when the head of the MRT-3 Corporation is absent from his post and opts to operate the firm by remote control, all those MRT-3 passengers are not getting a fair share of the heavy fares they pay.

DoTC Undersecretary Glicerio Sicat has been named as the concurrent head of MRT-3 Corp., replacing, Reynaldo Berroya, a GMA appointee. But more than a month after his appointment, Sicat has been seen twice or thrice in the office. Most of the time, Sicat is away doing some other things, but hardly managing the state firm that has become the transportation lifeblood in central Metro Manila.

Without Sicat’s leadership, MRT-3 Corporation operates like a headless chicken. The chain of command is absent. Responsibility is blurred.

The same is true with accountability. The firm operates under the principle of “to each his own.” In Tagalog: kani-kaniyang gawa.

Already, the security aspect of MRT-3 operations is being compromised. We have been informed that a number of unqualified security guards from the Bicol provinces have been hired. This does not augur well for a security-sensitive transport sector.

Who are these unqualified guards, how they were hired, and who are responsible for their hiring are some of the questions that require answers. Also, we have been informed that some accidents have already occurred in the depot. Some trains collided.

It was a good thing that it did not happen along the main tracks. Otherwise, hundreds of passengers would be endangered by the irresponsibility of some people. This is something that requires vigilance.

It’s bad enough that state subsidies are being withdrawn from the passengers. But it’s far worse when the main transport node in Metro Manila is being mismanaged not just by stupidity, but by absenteeism


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