482 Nazarene devotees treated for minor injuries

MOST of the devotees who attended Sunday’s Feast of the Black Nazarene from Rizal Park to Quiapo Church in Manila only suffered minor injuries, according to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC).

In its 5 p.m. bulletin, the PRC said 482 devotees were given medical assistance after suffering from laceration, abdominal pain, sprain, headache, dizziness, difficulty of breathing, hypertension, and back pain.

“More than 200 devotees with lacerations were treated as they went barefoot. Nearly 190 patients had their blood pressure taken as most who joined the procession may have pre-existing blood pressure problems and may be asking the Black Nazarene for a miracle or divine intervention,” the PRC said.

At least 20 of the injured devotees were brought by the PRC to the Ospital ng Maynila and Gat Andres Bonifacio Hospital. Most of them have already been discharged.

“Di ganoon karami ang taong nag-attend this year…Wala namang seryosong masyado,” said PRC Secretary Gwendolyn Pang in an interview with a radio station Sunday afternoon.

The most serious injury recorded by the PRC involved a devotee whose ankle was fractured after being run over by the wheel of the Nazarene’s carriage.

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