Baldoz ‘clueless’ on workers’ plight

“IS BALDOZ the Labor Secretary of the Moon? Because it seems she is clueless about the situation of working Filipinos here on Earth.”

This was the reaction of Anakbayan spokesperson Vencer Crisostomo to the claim of Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz that the recent price and fare hikes have no impact on wages and that there is no need to grant a salary increase now.

The last wage hike in Metro Manila, amounting to P22, was granted in June last year.

“The MRT-LRT fare hikes alone have eaten up whatever tiny economic relief the last wage increase gave,” said Crisostomo.

According to calculations by the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC), the average passenger of the MRT, LRT, and LRT-2 would experience the following increases: P12.30 to P19.61, P14.20 to P19, and P13.51 to P19.08, respectively.

Assuming that a passenger takes the train when leaving and going home, his or her transportation expenditures will increase by a between of P9.60 and P14.62.

Aside from the train fares, vegetable prices have previously gone up due to the toll hikes for the Southern Luzon, Northern Luzon, and SCTEX expressways.

Today, the price of Pinoy Tasty bread has gone up by P2 per loaf, while that of selected brands of loaf bread by P1. Various jeepney groups have also petitioned for a P1 fare hike.

Crisostomo said Baldoz’s insensitivity was reflective of “his boss,” President Benigno Aquino III, who has come under fire for purchasing a sports car at a time Filipinos are reeling from successive price hikes.

“Palibhasa, pa-Porsche-Porsche na lang itong mga nasa gobyerno kaya hindi nila alam ang kalagayan ng karaniwang Pilipino,” he said.   D’Jay Lazaro

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