Bishop from Mindanao says it’s time for Charter change

A Catholic bishop from Mindanao said Wednesday that it’s high time for Charter change under the term of President Benigno Aquino III.

According to Isabela Bishop Martin Jumoad, in an interview over church-run Radio Veritas, there are parts of the Constitution that needs to be amended to pave the way for federalism.

“We keep on saying that (we) wait until the next president would be installed. This is now the time because PNoy has the support of the Filipinos,” Jumoad said.

The prelate believes that federalism is the answer to the age-old problems of inequitable distribution of wealth and slow pace development in the countryside.

“In terms of the economy for example here in Mindanao, most of the income is brought to the national government and only a portion is given to Mindanao,” said Jumoad.

“I would suggest that what belongs to Mindanao must be for Mindanao. What belongs to Visayas is for Visayas and same thing with Luzon,” he said. CBCP News

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