CCTV system now compulsory in Quezon City

TOP Quezon City officials are just on the right course when they decide to make compulsory for all business establishments – small and big – the installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera system as an effective deterrent against lawless elements starting next year.

Piqued by the recent incidents on car thefts – one or two turned violent – Mayor Bistek Bautista and City Administrator Vic Endriga are in unison to declare to strictly implement to the letter an ordinance for the purpose that has turned to have been passed for years but hasn’t yet been enforced as the city government tends to be more considerate as to the businesses’ capacity to acquire such.

But this time around, Bautista says there’s no more turning back. The local government has  to impose the measure in its determined bid to mitigate if not totally crush lawlessness which has undeniably affected the business sector and of course the public in the long run.

“However the city government and the police cannot be able to accomplish the mission, we still need the support of the business sectors as it is a shared responsibility and I am confident we can have them with us in this endeavor,” says the energetic city chief executive.

Echoing the mayor’s actions, Endriga believes that the recent crime incidents like the carnapping cases are enough barometer for the city government to find solutions and making CCTV a compulsory requirement before a business establishment can either renew its permit and license or apply for new ones is one effective way.

According to the officials, businessmen in the city will have ample time as they will have the entire year to acquire the system and failure to do so will certainly be at their own risks because the local government will no longer renew licenses or entertain applications for new businesses unless they abide by the policy.

After all, what the city government is doing is for their own interest and of course for the city as a whole, says Bautista who along with Endriga, is convinced that it is advantageous to invest in acquiring the surveillance camera system as it has been proven as an effective tool to deter the commission of crimes.

The Quezon City mayor rules that there should be no exemption, meaning even the small businesses must also invest on CCTV since anyway there are some that are not that expensive except those heavy-duty ones.

He says: “It would defeat the purpose if there would be exempted from the implementation, that is why we are giving them enough time to meet the requirement, besides, the ordinance has already been there for years and it’s about time we enforce it to the letter.”

Another State of Calamity in Navotas

No one can really predict what’s going to happen next. Say for instance, the city of Navotas which has yet to recover from the worst fire tragedy in August last year in which more than 1, 500 families were displaced and in fact most of them are still being fed by the local government at various evacuation centers but another blow just came in.

With 12 people, most of them children, perished in last Saturday’s five-hour blaze, it prompts Mayor John Rey Tiangco and the city council to act together swiftly by declaring the fire-hit Barangay San Roque under the state of calamity. With that, they can provide the much-needed help to over 400 families with at least P1, 500 for every family and other forms of assistance while they stay at the San Roque National High School.

In the meantime, the mayor has to suspend classes in that school for the time being until the affected families are transferred to other nearby places for their temporary shelters. Just imagine the effect and impact such tragedy can do to others. Children would not go to school, workers would not have to report for work and, worse, nothing was left from their precious belongings but they have consolations to get as city officials come to their rescue with dispatch.- Arlie O. Calalo

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