Climate never constant throughout the history of the planet earth

MANY people were puzzled by the strange weather in the Philippines today and in other parts of the world. Our  provinces are suppose to be dry this time but many of them are experiencing heavy rains causing widespread flooding, landslides or mudslides, deaths to hundreds of people, and damage to crops, public works and private property amounting to billions of pesos.

A Pagasa official said the weather has been acting strangely since the country entered the La Ñina period.

The phenomenon is also strongly felt in Russia, Pakistan, China, Iowa, USA, Australia, Brazil and Greenland.

Newspaper reports have it that worst floods in China in decades which, together with landslides and mudslides, killed 1,160 people and left more than 600 missing.

In Pakistan, heavy monsoon rains caused rivers to overflow and rampage over the countryside killing 1,300 people and leaving 14 million homeless.

In Brazil, more than 500 people have died in mudslides near Rio de Janeiro, while in Australia a tsunami-like wall of water ripped through Queensland tossing cars like toys, lifting houses from their foundation, and rendering hundreds of thousands homeless.

In the Philippines, heavy downpours have lashed the Bicol Region, the Visayas, and Mindanao, killing many people and displacing hundreds of thousands, causing billions of pesos in damage to agriculture, government and private property.

Also, in Iowa, USA, the wettest midsummer in 127 years has been reported. Floodwaters forced hundreds to flee their homes.

The calving off from the great Peterman Glacier in Greenland’s north-west of a 100-square-mile chunk of ice has been reported.

The United Nation’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has predicted that the rising global temperatures would produce more frequent and intense heat waves, more intense rainfalls, and more intense tropical cyclone of typhoons.

Not satisfied with the IPCC assessment reports, we did some researches the problem of global warming, and this is what we found.

Howard J. Critchfield of Western Washington State College said climate has not remained constant throughout the history of the earth. He said from their study of rocks, fossils, and glaciers scientists have discovered clues to climate of long ago.

It is said that about 300,000,000 years ago the earth was warmer than it is now.

Many theories attempt to explain climate changes. Some possible causes are sunspots or other changes in the solar energy, changes in the tilt of the earth’s axis or in its orbit around the sun, volcanic dust, an increase of carbon dioxide in the air, shifting of the continents to other latitudes, and changes in ocean currents.

Since man cannot yet control the major storms and wind systems of the world, sunspots or other changes in solar energy and in the tilt of the earth’s axis or in its orbit around the sun that may cause global warming or crazy weather, all we can do now is for governments and the private sector to adopt measures to control emissions of greenhouse gases; and promote the use of power from solar wind, geothermal and ocean wave.

As preventive measures against global warming or climate change, we can curb deforestation; make rational land use plan and resettlement of poor people who are vulnerable on flood-prone areas.

Pinoy’s incredible optimism that their quality of life improve in next 12 months cited

People’s optimism that their personal quality of life will improve in the next 12 months despite rising cost of living continued to amaze us.

According to the latest survey conducted by Social Weather  Stations (SWS) from Nov. 27 to 28 42 percent of Filipino expect their personal quality of life to improve this year, compared to seven percent who claimed otherwise.

To probable reasons for this finding could be the high credibility and trust ratings, and clean image of President Aquino.

The new net personal optimism score rose to 33 percent from 32 in September and just a point below the record +36 posted a month PNoy assumed office. All these three scores are classified as very high by SWS.

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