ONE of the good news that came out of Malacanang this week was when it announced that it did not discuss the proposed charter change and that it is not inclined to impose new taxes when Cabinet members met on Monday to discuss priority measures to be presented at the forthcoming Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council meeting.

The news got even better when it was learned that after sidelining the two proposed measures, President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III instead trained his eye on the Responsible Parenthood Bill which was formerly known as the Reproductive Health Bill.

These developments showed that President Aquino is just being consistent with his campaign promises and that he intends to come out with policies that he believes would benefit the majority of the people.

There are at least 30 legislative measures that the Cabinet would submit to President Aquino for approval.

The fact that President Aquino made it known that he was not interested with new taxes showed that he knew his priorities.

It can be recalled that Aquino had promised during the campaign that he would do as much as he can to prevent raising or introducing new taxes. The way I look at it , it seems that he was trying his best to fulfill that promise.

On the issue of charter change, although he has said when he was still senator that that he favored the same especially if done through a constitutional convention, he was quick to point out that nobody has presented a valid argument that would support the urgency of amending the Constitution.

Lawmakers led by Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone, an ally of Aquino, are seeking to revive efforts to amend the 1987 Constitution after the President declared that he would not be seeking another elective post in 2016.

But what made him really consistent with his stands was when he expressed his support for the controversial reproductive health bill.

Aquino made known his position on the issue even when he was still running for president which did not sit well with the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy.

The Catholic leaders even threatened to campaign against his candidacy then but that did not deter him from making taking a stand.

Notwithstanding the negative reactions from the Church, Aquino went on to win the 2010 elections and true to his words, he made the reproductive health bill as one of his top priorities up until this time.

Indeed, the President has been very consistent with his stand. And this only goes to show that he knows what he wants and he knows what is good for the country.

And as far as ordinary citizens like us are concerned, we can rest assured that he is determined to do good that he is focused on improving the lives of ordinary citizen and in stamping out corruption in the government. Bobby Ricohermoso

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