Economic reforms proof of gov’t sincerity in peace talks —- KMU

“The implementation of social and economic reforms is the best proof that the Aquino government is sincere in conducting peace talks with the NDFP.”

This was the statement of labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno as the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) conduct informal meetings in preparation for the resumption of the stalled peace talks in February.

KMU was also reacting to statements from officials of the Aquino regime implying that the government intends to shortcut the peace negotiations by pushing for the elimination of discussions on social and economic reforms, and pushing for the immediate cessation of hostilities.

The labor center laid down a list of pro-worker social and economic reforms which it said should be implemented by the government. The list includes the following:

(1) Legislate an across-the-board substantial wage increase nationwide.

(2) Halt and eliminate contracual and other forms of flexible work in the country. Stop outsourcing and other such schemes which promote contractualization.

(3) Stop privatization of social services that should be delivered by the government to the people, and reverse the price hikes caused by this privatization framework, such as in SLEX and NLEX, MRT and LRT.

(4) Junk the power of the Labor secretary to assume jurisdiction over labor disputes.

(5) Reject dependence on foreign investments as main policy on the economy and employment, as this has meant promoting cheap and repressed labor.

(6) Implement national industrialization and genuine land reform. D’Jay Lazaro

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