Ilonggos warned vs fake money during Dinagyang Festival

MAYOR Jed Patrick Mabilog has issued a warning to the Ilonggo community against the proliferation of counterfeit money during the week-long Dinagyang Festival.

Mabilog said that criminal elements may use the festive period to spread fake money to unsuspecting revelers and sellers as the city is on frenzy over the world-famous festival.

The city mayor said there were past incidents that counterfeit bills spread during festival events in the city. The usual victims are restaurants and stores at the food festival area where criminal elements converge usually at nighttime.

Mabilog said that he is also warning criminal elements against the spread of illegal drugs and other obnoxious substances during the Dinagyang period.

Anti-illegal drug enforcers are deployed in strategic areas in the city to prevent and curtail the spread of illegal drugs especially shabu, cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana.PNA

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