Lito Lapid: Translate in Filipino, please

ANO DAW? I-translate ‘yan.

Isasalin sa wikang Filipino o kaya’y sa Ingles ang lahat ng billboards at iba pang karatula ng business establishments kung magiging batas ang panukala ni “Leon Guerrero.”

Inihain kamakailan ni Sen. Lito Lapid ang Senate Bill 2639 o ang “Act Amending Section 447(A) of the Local Government Code of the Philippines.”

Ang panukala ay magtatakda na isalin sa Filipino o Ingles ang lahat ng signs, signboards, at billboards na nakasulat sa dayuhang wika.

Napansin ni Lapid na dumarami na ang signages at billboards ng mga business establishment na nakasulat sa wikang Hapon, Korean, Chinese, at iba pang dayuhang wika.

Ito anya ay bunga na rin ng pagdagsa ng mga dayuhang naninirahan at nagbi-business sa Pilipinas.

“It has been observed that there has been a widespread emergence of restaurants and other specialty shops in the country bearing signages in foreign languages or characters other than English. This is due to the migration of foreign nationals to the country, and their settlement into different communities within the country,” ani Lapid.

“(A)lthough these restaurants and shops are meant mainly to provide for the basic necessities of these foreigners, it is deemed irreverent that we Filipinos are left to wonder what these signages mean and what these businesses are for. In effect, we are being alienated in our very own country,” dagdag pa niya.

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