Lay group holds assembly to mark PCPII 20th anniv

A GROUP of lay faithful is holding an assembly aimed to further deepen their prophetic role as the Church marks the 20th anniversary of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines.

The meeting called “Convocation of the Lay Faithful on PCPII” and slated on January 28, is being organized by the Lay Discernment Group.

The convenors hope that the lay gathering will bring participants to deepen their understanding of their calling as lay members of the Church and “find ways and means for social involvement that will translate our resolve into action.”

Resource speaker will be Ms. Asuncion David Maramba, a retired professor and book editor, who will speak on “Lay empowerment according to PCPII.”

In their two gatherings held last year, the group focused on their prophetic calling as lay faithful and committed themselves to go above personal interests and “help alleviate the suffering of the needy; protect the rights and freedoms of the powerless and seek justice for the oppressed.”

Convenors of the lay discernment group are Ms. Fe C. Arriola, Ms. Ma. Ceres P. Doyo, Atty. Oscar Orbos, Ms.Lorna B. Ballesteros, Marietta P. Goco, Mr. Lysander Rivera, Ret.Col.Gerry Cunanan, Ms. Asuncion D. Maramba and Judge Candido P. Villanueva.  CBCP News

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