Lead, Mr. President

THERE is this ugly talk about factions at the Palace bragging that they control government and that the President has been reduced to follow their bidding.

This is an unkind cut from people who had been described as “bleeding hearts” who had made much capital out of their work in non-government organizations (NGOs) and whose “break” with the Arroyo regime was falsely labeled as the revolt of the righteous in a tottering administration.

It is time for the President to firmly hold the rod and whip these miscreants into line.

The buck doesn’t stop at Cesar Purisima, who has completely alienated European businessmen by his masterminding the junking of the P18.7-billion Laguna Lake Rehabilitation Project (LLRP), or with Butch Abad, who budgetary sleight-of-hand led to propping up such an unproductive department as the Dinky Soliman’s DSWD, or even with Soliman who wants her turf to cover state moneymakers like PCSO and Pagcor.

It stops at President Noynoy, who was elected by the people and is answerable to the people.

The buck does not stop at Mar Roxas, who is believed to be gunning to occupy a top position in government after the mandatory one-year ban on his taking any official post.

In the case of Roxas, he lost in the elections and that shows just how much he is loved by the voters. But Roxas, who has been known for his honesty in public service, can still resurrect his political clout if he could only finally reach out to the masses.

This is the tragedy of Aquino. His allies are profoundly “clean” to a fault that they can hardly countenance criticism, and would invariably raise cain if their official acts are panned and would skewer the media for not being kind to them.

Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions so much so that the righteous path can be the highway for grafters as well.

It is time for the President to call a spade a spade and sack the malevolent spirits that inhabit his Cabinet, call them to regular meetings and spank them.

The President is Noynoy and he should show that he is the Chief Executive.

The President cannot reform this graft-ridden government overnight. He needs more time, and after a year, we hope to see that the bureacuracy
is in order. It is unfortunate that Mr. Aquino came in with the national coffers  wracked by a burgeoning deficit, and a country that is debt-strapped.

Execute those who needed to be executed symbolically. Give the arrogant bureaucrats  the political death sentence they deserve and fix the budget and make the machinery run.

That will make a President a real one, right? Joel Paredes

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