Legazpi City hotel runs out of dry towels due to continuous rains

LEGAZPI CITY, – There was a radio reporter here who wanted to check-in to a hotel but also discovered the prolonged (20-day) heavy rains has already affected hotel operations aside from the reduced influx of tourists.

The reporter who asked not to be named told PNA that the hotel has already been refusing, if not warning, guests that they have run out of dry towels because they could not hang them to dry up on sunshine.

Curious, the reporter said he asked why they (hotel personnel) don’t use the dryers, but the personnel said it is hard to fully dry cotton towels although machine dryers reduce the water content but it could take so much electricity to iron them out in bulk.

Bicol Tourism regional director Maria Ong-Ravanilla told PNA in text messages Tuesday morning that “I have’t monitored the past 10 days of January but am sure there is a downtrend since Albay is under a state of calamity.”

But Ravanilla added that Donsol, Sorsogon (haven for whalesharks) is still getting a lot of tourists but no hundred percent guarantee of sightings due to bad weather condition.

“The Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex (CWC), though, is still doing good,” Ravanilla added.

On the western seaboard of Albay, Pioduran town, which is about 30 kms northeast of Donsol is allegedly visited by some 20-50 whalesharks because of lighter rains conditions in the area as compared to the southern part which is Donsol.

Ravanilla confirmed earlier sightings of whalesharks (Rhincodon Typus) in the Pioduran area and said she will also monitor the near-migration which could be temporary because of the heavy rains in Sorsogon.

Scientists said that based on studies, whalesharks prefer warmer water as their playground and source of planktons as foods.

Pioduran residents and fishermen who used to maltreat these gentle giants are now aware of laws protecting whalesharks (locally known as butanding) after one of their former mayors is facing charges before the court for shooting a whaleshark five years ago. PNA

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