Luneta waste-pickers lauded

A WASTE and pollution watchdog yesterday lauded waste-pickers for recycling trash left by devotees of the Black Nazarene following an overnight vigil at the Quirino Grandstand and Rizal Park.

“We commend the waste-pickers for preventing valuable resources from being wasted,” said Manny Calonzo of the EcoWaste Coalition’s Basura Patrol.

Among the waste-pickers was “Kuya Liit,” 24, of Smokey Mountain in Tondo. He led a team of seven people in retrieving recyclables that would sell for over P2,000.

Age doesn’t matter in waste picking. Melchor Lumanog, 52, and Mac-Mac Lopez, 12, also did their share.

Lumanog and two others collected plastic bottles with an estimated value of P300 while Lopez picked used boxes worth P5 per kilo.

The following are the prices of recyclables according to the Eco Waste Coalition’s Basura Patrol: polyethylene bottles, P22-32 per kilo; plastic cups, noodle containers and covers, P15 a kilo; plastic cutlery, P15 per kilo; tin cans P6 per kilo; and carton boxes, P5 a kilo.

Joe Atentar of the National Park Development Committee said that 200-250 garbage bags were collected from the phases 1 and 2 of the Rizal Park.

The EcoWaste Coalition also expressed gratitude to the Nazarene Catholic School, Department of Public Services, the NPDC and several concerned vendors for picking up the trash and sweeping the park clean.

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