Migrants group says No to Cha-cha

An alliance of overseas Filipino migrant workers in the Middle East today said it will oppose the move to change the Constitution as it convey their message to pro-Aquino administration Congressmen and proponents of Charter change not to waste their time and especially the tax payer’s money by using the resources of the government for pushing hard the amendment of the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

“For now, any attempt to introduced amendment in the Philippine Constitution is an exercise in futility, just a waste of the government resources and a waste of time instead of spending it in crafting sound and implementing laws already been there,” said John Leonard Monterona, Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator.

Monterona said the people and other sectors of the society have already spoken and registered their opposition amending the Philippine Constitution, saying ‘isinuka na ito, huwag ng ipilit isubo ulit”.

Monterona said the majority of the Filipinos are now relatively aware of the issue, what are its pros and cons, who are the people behind the move, and the motives of these people who are actually pro-Aquino Congressmen willing to yield our country’s resources in favor of foreign big businesses.

“Even OFWs and their families abroad are likewise comparatively aware on local issues who are now keen on watching any development in the country through available tri-media outlets and access in the internets most especially in the political realm; and such awareness led them to create sound public opinion,” Monterona added.

Monterona added those who are pushing hard to amend the Constitution- the pro-administration Congressmen, especially through Constituent Assembly have only same agenda in common – that is the lifting of term limits side-by-side amending the economic provisions of the Constitution as we all aware is part of the imposition of US imperialist and the global financial institutions like IMF, WB, ADB to their own advantage.

Monterona observed House Speaker Belmonte and pro-administration Congressmen are like ‘testing the waters’ by bringing up the issue on charter-change once more.

“We firmly believed that the worsening socio-economic condition of the majority of the Filipinos could not be solved merely by changing the Constitution; getting away from the parasitic neo-liberal policies of globalization such as privatization and denationalization, liberalization, and deregulation must be the first step, then implementing genuine agrarian reform program and nationalization of basic industries must follow next towards economic progress,” Monterona said. D’Jay Lazaro

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