THE negligence of DoTC Undersecretary Glicerio Sicat is starting to become obvious. Sicat, the absentee head of MRT-3 Corp. in concurrent
capacity, has been running by remote control the operations of this
crucial transport mode, which slices through the 26-kilometer EDSA.

The incident that happened last Friday about those hundreds of
commuters who were stranded when the brake system of a MRT coach
malfunctioned only goes to show that Sicat has been at least negligent
in his job since he has taken over the management of the state-owned
transport firm in December. Even the remote control system can
malfunction too. Papers for parts requests are piling up.

MRT-3 is important because it is the major link that links the Metro
Manila’s central business of Makati City with the rest of Metro
Manila.  Take away MRT-3 and the business operations in Makati City
would be paralyzed to the detriment of the entire country.

This is the reason why MRT-3 operations should be smooth and smooth
sailing all the time. Its management has not time to dilly dally, or
relax to complacency without triggering a major damage.

It is a source of discomfort why DoTC Secretary Jose de Jesus has
named an absentee official to head a very important state firm. The
least that he should do is to name another person , who can attend
full time to the job of general manager of this transport mode.

Replacing him is not enough though. He should also attend to the
reported anomalies that have been bugging this state firm. He should
learn more about the reported fielding of security men, who are not
even licensed or properly trained. These guards, who are
province mates of new MRT officials, are incompetent. The PNP
should crackdown on these unlicensed bunch.

De Jesus should take the bull by its horns. He should be on the top of
the situation before the quality of service of MRT-3 Corp. deteriorate
to an unacceptable level.  Feeling sikat pero laos naman pala.
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