Name names, Noy

PRESIDENT Noy is plainly irritated and furious.

He complains that his administration has been under attack on several fronts since he started reforms in government.

What reforms? One might ask. The jueteng issue is still there and the government just seems to be taking in stride the accusations that high officials are involved in the anomaly.

A few days ago, President Noy promised everybody he would solve the problem of illegal logging and other environmental issues. Nothing happened.

What is taking him so long to resolve these issues? He said: “We are stepping on the shoes of a lot of people,” he admitted, helplessly.

Problem is President Noy, since he took his oath of office, has been reluctant to name names.

It was an accusation that the President himself must not take lightly, but he joked about the matter: “Maybe there are those who are just envious of me.” Now, Mr. President, envy is not a crime.  And stepping on the hoes of other people is just a product of his imagination.

That’s the problem with our President. He issues a warning and apparently forgets about it. He has no killer instinct even if people around him are killing him slowly6 with his indecisions.

Who is the real chief of the Department of Interior and Local Government? Nobody knows because the President doesn’t want to let go of his secretary and undersecretary.

Now, there is talk that some cabinet members may have to be fired. My guess is that they will just be transferred to other posts, as juicy as their present positions.

Maybe that’s how it is really but for me it is very clear that what we are doing is right,” he added. But please ask the people, sir if your thinking jibes with theirs.

He takes pride of the report that the rehabilitation projects of the Department of Public Works and Highways have been reduced from P900 million to just P600 million.

Still, no one is being punished for the DPWH anomaly.

The same goes with the overpricing of imported rice. It’s all blah-blah and no one is being charged.
Now here comes his spokesman Edwin Lacierda claiming that people are rallying behind his administration because President Noy is trying his best to address all the problems of the country.

That is a tall order because our laws are being violated at every instance.

He said there is a coherent attempt to solve the problem and his has been going on,” he assured the people.

“We are asking the public to cooperate with us and to remain vigilant in an effort to secure the country. We need the cooperation of the public and this is not only an effort on the part of the government to assure the public that we are doing something,” he said.

Lacierda said the government was working round the clock to make sure the campaign promises of Aquino to eradicate corruption and reduce poverty are achieved.

People are asking: When will campaign against corruption start?- Raul Valino

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