Not only Vilma and Sharon: Aga Muhlach turns down movie with Lea Salonga

OVERHEARD that it’s not only the Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Star for all Seasons Vilma Santos who had some resentment towards Aga Muhlach. Joining the latest list is none other than singer-actress and international star Lea Salonga.

Aga Muhlach is supposed to do a movie with Lea Salonga last year but it was indefinitely postponed due to their allegedly hectic schedules.

However, our informant says that Aga seems to be choosy with his leading ladies these days and prefers younger women as partners.

Talks have circulated that follow-up to their successful team-up in such smash hits like “Sana Maulit Muli” and “Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal?” might not see the light of day, as Aga refuses to commit to the project.

Still on Aga, Ethel Ramos, Aga’s manager, seems not happy over the rumored transfer of his ward from ABS-CBN to TV 5 without her consent and might take the case to the Professional Artists Management, Inc.  (PAMI)  for their concerted action.

If that happens, will it be the end of Aga’s career?

Or is Aga just doing another Cesar Montano when he junked Norma Japitana as his talent manager?


If we are to base our list on the consensus made by the members of  Cinephiles, a credible organization of film critics, cineastes, academicians and industry workers, it seems that independent films will still steal the limelight from mainstream cinema come awards season like Urian and Young Critics’Circle.

Here is the list of their top 10 films for 2010; 1) Ang Ninanais  by John Torres; 2)Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria by Remton Siega  Zuasola; 3) Senior Year by Jerrold Tarrog; 4) Kano by Monster Jimenez; 5)Mondo Manila by Khavn de la Cruz; 6)Halaw by Sheron Dayoc; 7) Cameroon Love Letter by Khavn dela Cruz; 8)Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio ni Mario O’hara; 9) Sheika by Arnel Mardoquio; 10.)RPG: Metanoia by Luis Suarez.

Except for RPG: Metanoia, it could be noted that their choices are not mainstream movies. Nevertheless, included in their top 20 are “Here Comes The Bride’, “My Amnesia  Girl” and “Miss You Like Crazy” all of which are produced by Star Cinema.


After the success of their filmfest entries, Ai-ai de las Alas and Kris Aquino are considering a movie together  probably in another filmfest entry this year.  Inspired by the success of Kris Aquino as a producer in “Dalaw”, Ai-ai de las Alas  is bent also of giving a try in  movie producing.

Since the two controversial personalities are hot copies these days, they would make a perfect pair for a good comedy.

If the project would push through then, it would be Ai-Ai and Kris vs. Bong and Vic at the box office.  Sounds exciting!


I personally like Natalie Portman’s splendid performance in “The Black Swan” as the  ballet dancer who lands a role in “Swan Lake” as a “White Swan” but degeneratively turns like her evil twin, the “Black Swan”.  However, if sympathy votes would prevail, Annette Bening might bag the trophy this time after losing in “Being Julia “ and “American Beauty” via her marvelous performance in “The Kids are Alright”. Archie Liao

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