Porsche for PNoy, Volvo for The Pope

AND a donkey for Jesus?

Susmariosep! In 2006, His Holiness, newly-elected Pope Benedict XVI received a gift of one sport utility vehicle, the Volvo XC90, from the Volvo Car Corporation and the Christian world saw nothing inappropriate about the Pope’s new wordy possession.

President PNoy bought an old Porsche, a sport car, with his own money and almost everybody is complaining.

It’s true that the Pope is a bachelor and bachelors are typically lovers of sports cars to impress their lovers or would-be lovers but in the case of the Pope who could hardly drive, this is insanity at the highest level.

Jesus, also a bachelor, did not ride on a chariot when he traveled to Jerusalem to meet his fate amidst the hosannas of the believers. Instead, he took not a horse but a donkey, a slowpoke donkey to His journey.

That was what Jesus could afford, not a flashy chariot made in Egypt, but a donkey that was exposed to the elements.

Pope Benedict received a bullet-proof sporty vehicle in the midst of worldwide poverty and sins the Pope was never able to address despite the billions if not trillions of dollars the Vatican had collected during its continuing reign.

Now comes PNoy, not poor but rich due to his inheritance and his employment as a government servant but nonetheless a working rich who is yet to be accused of stealing money from anybody, much less the state.

The same cannot be said of other public servants who have been blessed with expensive bullet-proof cars, jet planes and helicopters at their command, courtesy of the taxpayers.

The Volvo XC90 delivered to the Pope – and fitted for His personal use – is a V8 version. It is a dark blue XC90 with light interiors that will make your saliva dripping wet.

The Volvo XC90 has set the highest standards among SUV when it comes to safety, in all driving conditions and on any surface. The AWD system (all-wheel drive) allows the car excellent off-road behavior, while ROPS System helps the car avoiding roll-over or reducing consequences of that type of accident.

The Volvo XC90 has also been designed and built not only to protect people on board, but also in order to enhance safety performances on other vehicles in case of impact, according to the Volvo manufacturers.

“We are absolutely happy and proud of the opportunity we had to give a car to the Pope. Safety has always been a no-compromise must for Volvo; no doubt, our strong commitment to safeguard lives could not get a higher and more touching recognition”, said Pascal Bellemans, President Volvo Auto Italia.

The Catholic church in the Philippines is all quiet about the Pope’s love for cars, especially cars given to him by the faithful.

The church also is not in a mood to question PNoy’s Porsche at this time, it seems.

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