Public trust in Aquino administration goes up

WE ARE delighted by the results of the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showing that 93 percent of Filipinos view 2011 with hope.

This positive frame-up of mind gives more than nine in 10 Filipinos the ability to take control of their lives and to face the future without fear or anxiety.

This collective positive consciousness is good for the country. If sustained, it could lead to national rebirth, or to a new beginning after decades of economic under-development, social unrest, corruptions, hopelessness, and instability, breakdown of law and order and moral decay.

We have learned from our study of the science of the mind that positive thoughts produce positive things or situations. The reverse is also true. Negative thoughts produce negative things. In other words, our mind makes its own environment.

It is what Physics, the study of physical laws, is saying: Likes attract each other and unlike repeal each other. So if the mind or consciousness of the nation is positive then it would yield positive fruits.

The biblical basis for this principle is Galatian 6:7, “As you sow, so shall ye reap.” As a man thinketh in his heart, so he becomes, says another passage in the Holy Scriptures.

It only goes to show that we live in two worlds at the same time: The inner world which is our mind or consciousness and the outer world which
is the physical world.

Reacting to surveys showing unusually high optimism about better days ahead, President Aquino said in his New Year’s message that the “light of hope” has shone on the Philippines because Filipinos had chosen to walk the right path.

He called for unity and continued support from the people as he renewed his vow to make government’s efforts felt by the vast majority of the people.

He said only if the people would stay united would the steps being taken to effect change become more significant and finally make the nation’s dreams achievable.

The President hit the nail right on its head when he said: “What’s the difference of former President Estrada to set up the Saguisag Commission to study the 1998 Centennial Expo? That was one particular project of the entire Ramos administration.

But he was quick to add: “The fight is not over yet. There are still a lot of things that we want to change. There are those who want to keep the irregularities and bring us back to darkness. If we give in, we still move farther away from the light that we are catching sight on,” the President said.

We are moved by his critical views on the judiciary that revealed his frustrations for its failure to cooperate in his crusade to investigate and punish, if proven guilty, those who committed wrong doings in the past administration.

He said that while his administration had already done things that some thought were not possible, there is still a lot lacking to achieve reforms.

He considered the judiciary as one of the biggest obstacles in effecting reforms which would include punishing who committed anomalies
through a Truth Commission, which the high court had declared unconstitutional.

Aquino had made comparisons to commissions past presidents have created, from Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) of his late mother Corazon Aquino in  the early 1990’s and up to those of former President Arroyo’s which totalled five or six.

The President hit the nail right on its head, so to speak, when he said, “What’s the difference of former President Estrada to set up the Saguisag Commission to study the 1998 Centennial  Expo? That was one particular project of the entire Ramos Administration.

He said “It doesn’t take a lawyer to understand precedents of my predecessors.”

Also reacting to the results of the SWS poll, Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said: We thank the Pilipino people for their trust in us.

They view our government as an engine of  hope, that what we promised  during the campaign, the eradication of corruption and poverty reduction  will bear fruits.” Cornelio de Guzman

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