Public works projects to bring employment to local residents

Jobless people don’t have to look far for jobs. They can find one in their areas where public works projects will be undertaken.

Rep. Rodante Marcoleta (Party-list, Alagad) filed House Bill 1333, which seeks to require private contractors doing public works projects
to hire residents in the place where the projects are located.

Marcoleta said the enactment of the proposal into law will provide poor jobless people an opportunity to work and earn a living in a
decent and honest way.

“Considering the increase in the number of the unemployed, there is a need for the government to require contractors awarded public works projects by the government to hire people who are considered indigents
by the DSWD,” Marcoleta said.

Marcoleta said requiring private contractors, including subcontractors; to hire at least 50% of the unskilled and 30% of the
skilled labor requirements from the unemployed bona fide and actual residents where the projects are to be implemented is mandatory under
the bill.

“These unemployed indigents should be willing, ready and able as determined by the governor, city mayor or municipal mayor concerned
where the public works projects are,” Marcoleta said.

“Those exempted from labor requirements are labor needed for the manufacture of prefabricated construction materials and other
materials premade outside the place of project implementation,” Marcoleta said.

“Also exempted from labor requirements are skilled manpower utilized or to be utilized for the preparation of engineering designs and
project plans and layouts,” Marcoleta said.

The bill provides that in cases where the number of available resources is less than the required percentages provided for, the said
requirements shall be based on the maximum number of locally available labor resources as certified by the municipal, city, provincial or
district engineer as sufficient compliance with the labor requirements.

The bill mandates the contractor and/or subcontractor to post inconspicuous areas to be specified and designated by proper district,
provincial city or municipal authorities, a notice in either Filipino or English or the local dialect, that local residents are needed for
the project. D’Jay Lazaro

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