Roxas to remain LP president

FORMER senator Mar Roxas is expected to retain the presidency of the Liberal Party (LP) when the ruling party celebrates its 65th founding anniversary and elects its new set of national officials on Jan. 19 at the Club Filipino in San Juan.

The 161 members of LP’s National Executive Council will participate in the election.

The celebration will follow the theme, “The Future is Now! Ngayon na ang pagbabago,” to give credit to the party’s triumphant national and local campaign in last year’s poll.

“The Liberal Party did not only succeed in toppling a government of abusive and corrupt officials. It restored the people’s faith and trust in their leaders. The party brought to government new leaders who could give the country a brighter and promising future,” Roxas said.

His term as party president, as well as the terms of the other officials, will end this month. But no less than President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, III wants Roxas to retain his post.

House Speaker Sonny Belmonte is also supporting Roxas. “I am 100-percent for Mar’s reelection. In the difficult days when LP is the opposition and abandoned by many, Mar kept the party going. He should remain as president,” he said.

Another LP stalwart, House Deputy Speaker Lorenzo Tañada, agreed. “No one is questioning the leadership of Mar. President Aquino is still for Mar.”

Roxas assured the LP will provide stable support to the administration of President Benigno Aguino, III and dismissed insinuations made to the public that the party is disintegrating due to internal political conflicts.

“The last election was tough. It compelled each member of the LP to grow, to fully understand the meaning of sacrifice, to put the country’s interests above personal ambitions. We have remained united in our continuing quest for growth and reforms for the Filipino people.”

Roxas had planned on seeking the presidency during the May 2010 presidential elections but gave way to Aquino, who was then serving his first term at the Senate. As president of LP, he sacrificed his political aspiration in order to preserve party unity and ensure that the interest of the country is not sidelined by personal dreams.

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