Solons welcome lady bus drivers

Lawmakers today supported the proposal of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) urging bus companies to employ lady drivers to handle
their bus units plying Metro Manila.

Rep. Catalina Bagasina (Party-list, ALE) said the proposal of the MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino is a welcome development since, “its
objective is to lessen the high incidence of vehicular accidents involving male drivers.”

“Women who want to work as bus drivers should be given equal opportunities like the male bus drivers,” Bagasina said.

Under MMDA’s proposal, 50 percent of the drivers of a bus company should come from the female gender.
“The intention to lessen the high incidence of people being killed or of being seriously injured in road accidents in Metro Manila is highly
commendable,” Bagasina said.

Bagasina explained that female drivers are more safety-conscious than the opposite sex. “Lady drivers are less aggressive in driving which
is very important in such kind of job,” she said.

“With or without the high incidence of road accidents in the accident-prone EDSA, Commonwealth Avenue and Marcos Highway, lady
drivers should be given a chance to drive public utility vehicles,” Bagasina said.

“The proposal of the MMDA would be a good innovation and experiment here in the Philippines,” said Rep. Emil Ong (2nd District, Northern

Ong, chairman of the Committee on Labor and Employment, cited the studies conducted by Carnegie Mellon University of the United States of America and the MMDA that female drivers are more cautious than

“In other countries, female bus drivers are well respected for their less aggressive driving, honesty and obedience to the rule of law,”
Ong said.

“Women by nature are more careful than men.  Men tend to be hot-headed and prone to risks, like drunk driving,” Ong said.

“If we try this proposal, at least we can have a comparison later, ifthere will be less over speeding and less road accidents,” Ong said. D’Jay Lazaro

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