Swift justice for criminal law enforcers

THE Department of Interior and Local Government and the Philippine National Police must adopt and implement swift action and punishments against erring policemen who engage in criminal acts and activities instead of doing their jobs as law enforcers and peacekeepers.

Very recently, there had been a series of crimes and atrocities committed by cops that were reported almost simultaneously by the media. But it seems that the PNP leadership, unless told by their superiors at the DILG and Malacanang Palace, won’t even lift a finger to impose sanctions, suspensions and/or dismissal against their erring personnel.

Many observers say that the current PNP chief, Gen. Raul Bacalzo, is a passive and reactive officer who does not want to take initiatives for the improvement of the men and women of the agency.

One said that Bacalzo would rather not rock the boat and had opted to just wait for his “quiet and peaceful” retirement on September 15 this year. He should be replaced ASAP.


The DILG, through the National Police Commission, has started the implementation of the “zero backlog case” program which aims to hasten the resolution of some 2,721 pending administrative cases involving erring cops now being heard by the Napolcom and the Regional Appellate Boards.

I agree with this program, but the Napolcom should not do their jobs in haste against erring and scalawag cops involved in murder, drug trafficking, and other heinous crimes. They should ensure that none of these types of cops manages to return to the service and again be issued firearms.

In a report, the Napolcom said it has improved the disposition of administrative cases against erring cops by 200 percent or from the previous 20 cases to 60 cases per month.

By the end of January 2011, the Napolcom bragged that there will be zero backlog on administrative cases against erring police officers, with a time frame of 30 days in resolving future cases.

Erring, abusive and scalawag cops should have no place in the Philippine society. They are being paid thru taxpayers’ money and uses government-issued uniforms and firearms in the furtherance of their illegal activities. They are on government payroll doing criminal acts.


Tarlac Gov. Victor Yap has yet to act on the request of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo for the former to handle the probe and file appropriate charges against Tarlac City councilor Ana G. Aguas who allegedly asked provincial jail guards to escort inmate and convicted prisoner Horacio Garces out of jail for a date and a sumptuous dinner.

As of press time, I have not yet heard of Councilor Agua’s reactions to the reported incident, whether it was true or not and what was her relationship to Garces in the past and at present. The public wants to hear an answer from her regarding those reports.


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