That unworthy lawmaker

It’s disgusting to know that another member of the House of Representatives is hugging the limelight not for achieving things worthy of emulation but committing condemnable acts that are unsuitable of a public official.

Supposed to be the model of humility being the representative of aparty-list group called the Alliance of Volunteers Educators (AVE) as what its name implies, Rep. Eulogio “Amang” Magsaysay brags and even drags Congress to have Philippine Airlines (PAL) ground stewardess Sara Bonnin Ocampo investigated for not bowing to his request that he be seated besides his son in a flight to the United States.

Despite explaining that the flight was already full hence his request wouldn’t be granted, the “mal-educated” Magsaysay threatened to fire her as he repeatedly calls her a “menopausal bitch” something that’s unpleasant to her ears and made her not to report for work the next day as she couldn’t take to hear those unsavory words direct from the public official’s mouth.

And he thinks just saying sorry is enough, no way. The damage has been done Mr. “Menopausal Bitch” you don’t deserve to be part of Congress and representative of volunteers educators. You must resign from your post now and go back to the village and eat “bahaw.”

Floods Dislodging Armed Strife as Cause of Internal Refugees

The national government is apparently unaware up to now or just too naïve to look at the well-being of hapless people in Mindanao who have been captive victims of massive flooding thereby rendering them homeless and abandoned in a place which used to be the site of armed conflict  between Moro secessionists and government troops for decades.

And if to heed North Cotabato Gov. Emmylou Taliño-Mendoza’s warnings, internal clashes appear to have been dislodged by flood hugely worsened by the climate change and the people’s lack of concern to the environment. But with the infighting that takes place from right to left, we can’t expect them to do their share as they’re more preoccupied in moving from places to places to avoid getting killed in the crossfire or inundated by flood.

She says: “Without playing down the perils of recurring armed conflict, we’re afraid more Filipinos now risk being driven out of their homes and sources of livelihood due to harsh climate change.” The  lady Mindanao governor adds: “With the massive flooding on one hand and intense drought on the other would expose a greater number of Filipinos to hunger.”

The 22-year-old Rainwater Collector and Springs Development Act that requires the installation of rainwater collectors in every barangay as means to ease flooding during the rainy season and hoard fresh water for irrigation and other uses during dry spells, if fully and truly implemented could largely mitigate the damage.

“We also have to change the way we construct our roads and drainage systems so that during heavy rainfall some of the surface runoff gets purposely channeled to impounding structures and watersheds, instead of flowing into our river systems and draining into the open sea,”

Taliño-Mendoza pushes for the grant of national government subsidy, by way of cash rewards, to farmers who practice soil and water conservation.

The planting of bamboo trees by farmers near river banks, for instance, can check rapid soil erosion and lessen silt in waterways and communities that invest heavily in lessening disaster risk, and prepare ahead can stand a better chance of thriving amid extreme weather patterns, according to the governor in a statement. Arlie Calalo

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