Torres makes good at LTO

GRACE under pressure.

This is the best way to describe Land Transportation Office (LTO) Chief Virginia P. Torres who despite all the malicious lies being peddled against her person by some people and groups who want her out of the agency has remained calm and has never let pressure affect her performance.

After being bombarded with all kinds accusations coming from almost every front that has something to do with the LTO, Torres refused to bow down and instead buckled down to work resulting to a fairly successful year for the agency.

Barely six months in her post, yet the attacks heaped on her were already so numerous and so harsh but she kept her silence knowing fully well that she has done nothing wrong.

One of these malicious lies is her alleged preference for a particular contractor to secure the supply and delivery of the P500 million driver’s license project.

Her religious affiliation was even dragged in the issue despite the fact that her stand on the matter was based mainly on the results and recommendations made by the LTO technical working group that conducted a thorough and comprehensive study on the matter.

Not contented with linking her religious ties and casting aspersions on her person relative to the project, her detractors also dragged her name in the intra-corporate dispute at Stradcom, the agency’s IT provider.

While everybody knows that she has nothing to do with the dispute, Stradcom’s spin masters still managed to tie her in the controversy by alleging that she allegedly conspired with a faction that was trying to wrest control of the company from the group of Cezar Quiambao.

Her detractors even had the gall to hail her to court and slapped her with trumped up charges that were cleverly calculated to reinforce their allegations against her.

But Torres would not let her work be affected and has even lined-up anumber of significant programs that she would implement within the  year in line with her thrust of making LTO  as one of the best performing and client responsive offices in the government.

In an interview, Torres described the past year as “fairly successful” as she looks forward towards a more dynamic and challenging year.

“I am an optimistic person and I always look at things on a positive light, and I believe that despite some hindrances I did enough to be worthy of the task that was given to me by President Aquino” she said.

She was particularly pleased that LTO has already surpassed its target collections of P12.8 billion as early as September this year with total revenues of P13.2 billion which was up by 3.28 per cent over the 010 target of P12.8 billion.

She also expressed optimism that the programs that she had lined-up would further improve services and helped enhance efficiency in the agency.

In the area of road safety, traffic safety seminars for apprehended drivers will continue as well as coordination with the local government units and several private companies for the conduct of traffic safety management trainings will be on a year round schedule.

She also averred that the agency might soon come up with more stringent rules and requirements before a driver’s license is issued to an applicant.

Fully aware of the recent rash of fatal vehicle mishaps that mostly involve public utility vehicles especially passenger buses and in some cases even hospital ambulances, the LTO chief is also drawing up some measures for the strict implementation of checking the road worthiness of vehicles.

Undersecretary Torres will likewise train her guns on drivers who are believed to be taking illegal substances and alcohol by coming up with more effective and accurate drug testing system.

She will also work on the harmonization of LTO and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) motor vehicle classification which she believes would help avert rising road accidents pursuant to the direction of ASEAN Product Working Group (PWG).

Torres is also pushing for the updated motor vehicle registration system (MVRS) manual for a more effective implementation of policies, guidelines and documentary requirements and to simplify the registration processes of vehicles.

These are only some of the programs that she intends to implement this year which she expects to accomplish with full cooperation from all their personnel throughout the country.

Way to go Assistant Secretary Torres! Bobby Ricohermoso

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