Youth groups troop to DOTC to petition against LRT-MRT fare hikes

Led by National Union of Students of the Philippines, youth and student leaders trooped to the Department of Transportation and Communications in Ortigas to file a petition against the MRT-LRT fare hikes.

According to Vanessa Faye Bolibol, NUSP National Secretary-General, the said fare hikes are uncalled for and anti-people. “We are already paying for the cost of operation and maintenance through the fare being collected. Adding P10-30 would merely amount to incurring a larger amount of our daily budget to transportation costs. And this could mean a disaster, as 60% of the public using the MRT and LRT lines earn less than P10,000 a week. Where will we get the extra fare?”

“With the minimum wage still pegged at P404, we have no idea how we will be able to supplement our budget. And what about us students? We do not have the heart to ask our parents for an increase in our allowance, since their wages remain at the same level.” Bolibol enunciated.

“Trooping to DOTC and filing a petition is only one way we intend to face this challenge head on. We will organize protest actions in front of DOTC, also in MRT and LRT train stations, if our plea continues to fall on deaf ears.” Bolibol concluded.

On Friday, students all-over Metro Manila will hold sit-in protests in different schools and MRT stations to protest the MRT/LRT fare hike. D’Jay Lazaro

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