1986 Edsa Revolt special people power in three generations

THE photos shown here  were taken by Rogelio “Roger” Enero on the first day of
People Power at EDSA 25 years ago.

The camera he used was Canon with the traditional film in it.

Many people thought the peaceful EDSA Revolt would change the course of Phil. history after Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos and his family were shamelessly thrown out of Malacanang  to Honolulu, Hawaii.


Fine, democracy was restored but largely for the elites, the plundering politicians, the free traders and the global capitalists of the world, what else.


Like all the rest of the first generation Edsa hopefuls,  Roger thought the restoration of democracy would bring with it new lease on life for the powerless and disenfranchised  Pinoys.

Again,  naaah!

For the life of us, EDSA People Power was but a promise failed for the rest of the Pinoys courtesy of lame duck Presidents  Pres. Cory Aquino, Fidel V. Ramos, Erap, GMA and onward.

Looks like it is one vicious cycle going for the life of Juan dela Cruz even now

with Pres. Noynoy Aquino given the dangled 35 pesos to a dollar, ho-hum that trekkles nowhere near the hungry stomachs of most Pinoy’s restless clamor for

Life goes on. And what give thus far?Roger Enero works hard with the Quezon City’s  Dept. of Public Order and Safety (DPOS) where on special occasions  he is tasked to coach a team of  volleyball players in the department, a sport in which he does best at playing and coaching as well.

Roger has an only son (and godson of mine) Rubien Ruggierro “Ugie”  Enero by his  wife  Gina  Enero, of the Caindoy family of Old Balara, Q.C.

They  now have  a precocious and looker of a grandson by the young couple Ugie and Bianca Dacomos-Enero  named Noah Ezekiel who celebrates his 3rd  birthday today Feb. 27, 3rd day of the People Power’s anniversary celebration.

Interestingly enough Roger, Ugie and grandson Noah make for Edsa People Power in

three generations — desparately waiting for some change at least, but perhaps in vain. Not in our lifetime. Grrr! George Kabrisante

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