A Mendoza-type audit in income-generating agencies

READERS from various sectors reacted with approval to our suggestion that the resident Ombudsman system in every department/bureau should be reactivated and strengthened.

They’re also one with us in pushing for the spot audit by the COA of LGUs across the country.

These readers have diverse queries – ranging from the reasonable to the inane – which we shall later favor with a reply.

Most queries curiously seek information on what  specific criminal complaints to institute against crooks/scalawags in office, and how soon shall we see them languish in jail.

One e-mail literally beseeches Rapidfire to relentlessly suggest to PNoy that Heidi Mendoza (COA’s modern-day Gabriela Silang) be commissioned to audit the Bureau of Customs (BOC) transactions for the past fifteen (15) years.

The lifestyle check conducted on Customs officials does not compellingly serve its purpose.

Sa BOC, kahit janitor sa opisina ng isang department head ay nakakotse. It is really amazing how this could defy lifestyle radar detection.

Kaya bihirang-bihira ang nasasakote sa bitag na ito.

“Commissioner Lito Alvarez has lately been on a publicity binge in connection with his agency’s filing of smuggling  cases against a few importers/brokers,” the e-mail also stresses.  “But this appears to be diversionary calculated to condition public perception that transactions in the BOC are now above board,” it concluded.

Ang totoo daw niyan (sabi ng  ating mole), mas matindi ngayon ang ‘money-obrahan’ sa BOC.

Here’s another interesting portion of the same e-mail :

“Alex, ang nangyari sa J6 Comptrollers Office ay nangyayari rin sa Customs. 15 Assessment Units/Sections in Formal Entry Division and 3 Units in Informal Entry Division dole out a minimum of P0.5 M  on a weekly basis to the Chief, FED, and the District Collector, who in turn ‘fast-breaks’ a part thereof to the OCOM.
That is also the name of the game over there at the MICP.” (TO BE CONTINUED)-Alex  ‘Rapido’ Almario

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