AFP chief urges Congress not to use corruption issue in stopping military modernization program

OUTGOING Armed Forces (AFP) chief, General Ricardo David Jr., on Sunday called on congress not to use the corruption issue hounding  the military to stop the modernization program of the AFP.

The AFP chief said that while reports on the alleged wrongdoings of some military personnel have to be thoroughly investigated, this should not be used as a reason to halt the long-sought modernization of the AFP.

“Anomalies in the handling of [AFP] budget dapat imbestigahan talaga kung meron..(but) that is not the reason for our planners, for our Congress to stop the modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” David said in a radio interview over DzBB.

The AFP chief, who will be retiring from the military service on March 8, said that the AFP modernization would be a big help in boosting the morale of the soldiers and modern equipment will lessen the risk face by troops in the field.

David cited as exampled that if the AFP suffered 400 fatalities during the previous year, this could be reduced if the military has modern firearms and  combat equipments like body armor, night vision goggles, and helicopters to airlift wounded soldiers.

The military chief aslo emphasized that as soldiers put their own life on the line in the performance of duty, then it is but appropriate to provide them with modern weapons and other combat gears and equipment that will also protect them.

David added if indeed there were some people who did not wisely and judiciously use the funds to modernize the AFP, then those only that are responsible should be punished and not the whole AFP.

The AFP chief not only the Department of National Defense (DND) but even the AFP is now making sure that there is transparency in all transactions, particularly in the bidding and procurement system. Anthony Vargas

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