Dead man tells no tales

WE WERE both shocked and saddened by Angelo Reyes’ decision to end it all by taking his own life Wednesday morning before his mother’s grave at Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City.

A .45-caliber bullet had pierced his heart and exited through the back, an apparent case of suicide.

Reyes, 65, was publicly humiliated when testimonies linking him to corruption in the Armed Forces of the Philippines began emerging.

Some lawmakers believed Reyes could shed light, and give new dimension to the simultaneous investigations of the House and the Senate on the finances of the AFP.

But with his sudden death the truth will be buried with him in his grave forever because “Dead man tells no tales”. And may we venture to add that death is also terrifying because it’s so ordinary. It happens all the time.

Number of civil service exams flunkers growing

We were disturbed by the results of the October 2010 Civil Service Commission (CSC) examinations where 84,809 flunked.

This means out of 97,099 who took the test, a dismal 12.66 percent or only 12,290 examinees passed.

CSC examinations are held from time to time for those who are wanting to join the government service.

The CSC has attributed the high failure rate to the inability to pass all parts of the test that mostly deal with analytical and mathematical skills.

It’s therefore safe to say that many flunked the civil service exam simply because the flunkers do not know how to think. In gutter language they were ‘kabisote’. analyze but only to memorize.

As we already know it is possible to store

This does not speak well of the quality of our education where students were not trained rigidly to think and the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated.
Calling Department of Education and CHED!

PNoy Marks 51st birthday with a positive note

President Aquino marked his 51st birth anniversary Tuesday with 3 of 4 Pinoys remained satisfied with his government’s general performance, according to a recent Social Weather Station survey.

The average rating, minus the 10 percent that said they were dissatisfied with the government’s performance, translates to a plus-64 or ‘’very good’’ net satisfaction rating for the Aquino government, according to the survey.

The SWS survey, conducted from Nov. 27 to Nov. 30, showed the “very good” net satisfactions across regions, except in Metro Manila where the administration lost 19 points compared to last September.

But if the President were to rate his own performance in the last eight months of his presidency, he presided over an economy that has seen its most robust growth of 7.3 percent, in two decades, adding that the ‘’transformation of our society and the betterment of our people’s lives happen at a much faster pace.’’

He said the best has yet to come and that there are many good news happening but are not being highlighted by the media. He cited the investments that would come in and the renewed confidence in the government despite the problems that kept on cropping up.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday Mr. President! – Cornelio de Guzman

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