Dissecting anatomy of corruption

THE recent speech of whistleblower Heidi Mendoza advising the youth not to pressure their parents so the latter will not be tempted to steal provoked a lot of people to think.

Mendoza who headed an 11-man team that investigated the corruption in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), gave her advice at St. Scholastica’s College’s “Truth Conversations’’ forum.

Speaking through experience, Mendoza said there were  times that her daughter tried to pressure her to commit corruption so they could be rich.

She said “it is a difficult struggle but I did not give in. What is important is the money we use is clean.’’
Mendoza advised her young listeners to be the conscience of their parents. “Do not, at any point, push them that they will be tempted to dip their hands into government coffers,’’ she said.

Then Mendoza went on to say peer pressure drove her daughter, who is a student of St. Scholastica’s, to assume different names because she did not want to be thought of as not rich.

Mendoza said her daughter would hate her before because I could not buy the shoes she wanted. “I sold shoes so I could offer her only the shoes which came from the dealer,” Mendoza said.

We find Mendoza’s speech very interesting and shocking in details because the pressure to be rich from your children is indeed difficult to resist. But it could be more difficult if the pressure would come from an ambitious and nagger wife, or from the other woman

Libingan ng mga bayani burial for Pres Marcos sought

Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong’’ Marcos is at it!

He appealed to the government to allow the burial of his late father, Ferdinand E. Marcos,  at the Libingan ng mga Bayani as a matter of right,  in recognition of his long service to the country, first as a  veteran of World War II, a survivor of  the Death March, Senate president, and later as President of the Republic.

The issue keeps on popping up every time the country celebrates the anniversary  of People Power Revolution, which toppled Bongbong’s father’s regime.

Senator Marcos is right in saying the proposed Libingan burial for his late his father is a political issue that can only be resolved by President Benigno Aquino III.

Recall that Aquino got the largest votes in Ilocanandia, Marcos  candidates in the last presidential polls.

Knowing for his penchant for surprises, we will not be shocked if the President will suddenly decide to put a closure to the issue and announced a Libingan burial rites for Marcos on the 25th Anniversary of EDSA People Power Revolution.-Cornelio de Guzman

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