INSTRUCTIONS explicit or implicit are easier to follow… say, the Fibonacci sequence, 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55… you get to figure it out—and can now trot out– the digits that’ll come next.

We can take the numbers to represent a quantum of force in motion… it’s evident in a whirling pattern wrought out in the shell of a common freshwater snail—the susong pilipit, tropic escargots which goes well simmered in coconut cream, julienned ginger and curcumin, red hot chili peppers, and minced fiddlehead fern tops or swamp cabbage… ah, suction at such ripple of nipples is a lot luscious than words.

The same number sequence whirls out with devastating results, with the calm eye of a howler or tornado as zero swirl point.

We can adopt the same mayhem as gleaned from such act of God… this portion of my lecture shifts to what fellow martial artist Alma Anonas-Carpio unleashed on a big boorish bloke in a crude display of unwanted affection for her… you’re beside the victim… with left foot as zero pivot point, whirl out like a super howler and slam edge of knife hand on the nape or smash the point of right elbow into the rib cage or at any portion of the spine…

You’re still following me? Duc, sequere, aut de via decede— that is, lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Lecture on leadership will be delivered as a midwife does to babies for a gaggle of student-leaders in, uh, is it Nueva Vizcaya this time? Kung saan-saan akong lupalop natotoka sa paglalahad ng turo at kuro… na karaniwang batay lang sa katiting na kaalaman sa paglulupa… mailalapat pala’t umaangkop sa matinong pamumuno—na masusunod kung may ipapakitang halimbawa.

Palpable xxx-ample don’t come clothed in finery or fancy clothes of explanations or extrications. So stripped down– kariktang nakahubo’t hubad lang para makasulsol ng gatong sa liyab ng puso’t puson… para sumanib sa laman ang

‘Yung pulos katsang sa buong maghapon at magdamag, walang mapapala’t mapupulot na mainam diyan.

‘Yung susunod sa mga habilin at tagubilin na pawang bunton ng salita… get a firmer reading on body language that’s more telling and carry heavier weight than oral pronouncements.

Kaya kapag sumunod sa halimbawa ni P-Noy, tiyak na aabot hanggang batok ang noo’t malalagas lang ang buhok…

Face it, entropy rules… any semblance of societal or natural order dissembles into chaos.

Kaya nga mas masayang humango ng mga ulirang halimbawa mula sa Kalikasan, a divine hand steers nature which has a semblance of chaos yet is never out of order… fancy your being as a butterfly flitting serenely about in the eye of a

At this juncture, I’d beg my young audience to rise from their seats and follow me– a leader of sorts for the moment—in a qigong breathing drill that plies out the primal six healing sounds for inner organs… paumanhin na lang po sa bumabasa kung hindi kayo makakasunod.

Pero kahit sa paglalapat ng lunas at pagpanday sa sariling katawan sa pamamagitan ng kataga, talagang katiting lang ang kailangan… at pawang hinango pa mula Kalikasan ang bibigkasing mga tunog.

Let me be clear about this… there’s Nature and there’s human nature… that which I acknowledge as fit to lead me is where Hand Divine points to.- Dong de los Reyes

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