First Tausug actor in a Malaysian production

A MALAYSIAN co-production venture billed “Untamed Virgins” is now showing in selected Metro Manila theaters co-directed by John Ad Castillo (brother of the famous Celso Ad Castillo) and top Malaysian Director Z. Lokman.

“Untamed Virgins” is in digital format and is the second venture being co-produced by a group of independent filmmakers from Malaysia represented by top  businessman Haji Shahar Abdul Karim, C.E.O of locally-based Artistik Scoop Productions, Inc. and another Malaysian business associate in film distribution business Joachim Hon.
It stars returning bombshell Ramona Revilla with Tausug leading man Tom Paris, a former stuntman from the stable of Director Baldo Marro.  Paris is the first  Tausug actor to have emerged from Mindanao (Jolo, Sulu) who has made it to mainstream showbiz. Paris has several teleserye (soap opera)  credits to his name under ABS-CBN and GMA-7 networks.  He heads a group of stuntmen and supplies them for local and international shoots.

The cast of “ Untamed Virgins” also  includes veteran Roldan Aquino, indie actor Miguel Vasquez and newbies Zaira Diwa, Pemse Meyer and Nicole Suhana.

The film according to  Director John Ad Castillo explores  the drab existence and basic needs of tribal people with exotic women in scant outfits as sex objects for a highly patriarchal community set against the virgin forest of the country.

The film is actually a test case for the co-venture between Philippines and Malaysia in terms of return of investment  and distribution viability of the same in the select international target markets like Latin American countries, China, Southeast Asia including Australia.

Both Joachim Hon and Haji Karim are on the side TV and film distributors/suppliers in Malaysia and other Asian countries.  They have
acquired distribution rights for the films of local independent directors and producers.

Their combined initiative has created a select market niche for the kind of films  they are now making in the country. It might also apply to locally produced independent films in need of distribution outlets overseas.

“Our film is a test case of audience reception among local viewers for our film ventures which are eyed for select distribution outlets  abroad,” Malaysian co-director Z. Lokman added. Bernie Villaflor

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