Group calls on HongKong authorities to probe on the death of a Filipino DH

A HONG KONG based  migrants rights group  on Friday called on Hong Kong authorities to conduct a thorough, speedy and transparent investigation on the  death of Jhona Dacanay, a 29 year old domestic worker from Mankayan, Benguet .

The  Mission For Migrant Workers (MFMW) at the same time called  on the Philippine Government to provide all the necessary assistance to Jhona’s family.

Dacanay died on February 13 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). Before her death she was being treated for psychosis at the Kowloon Hospital. She was later moved to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital when she developed a fever and later on was diagnosed with neuroleptic malignant syndrome.

Her family up to now does not understand how Dacanay went from being diagnosed and treated for psychosis that led to NMS, then she got comatose and later died, the group said.

The coroner is already conducting an investigation and an autopsy was made on February 16. The result will come out in 3 months time. The MFMW  expressed hopes that said investigation be done properly so that it will shed light on the true cause of death of Dacanay.

The group said the Philippine government should extend all assistance due to the family of Dacanay and to help in the investigation. This includes repatriation, burial and death benefits and any other OWWA entitlements the family is entitled to. Furthermore, they should monitor also the investigation being conducted and make sure that the family is well-informed of the developments and results of the probe.

Dacana’y case should also cause the HK government to review its health care delivery to ethnic minorities. The fact that Dacanay’s family has a lot of questions surrounding the treatment given to Dacanay and on her death means that the family was not properly informed of developments of Dacanay’s condition, the group said.

MFMW said the HK authorities should take into account that ethnic minorities who are domestic workers such as Dacanay and her family have language difficulties, problems in access to information, inability to go to hospitals everyday due to stay in working conditions, and have cultural differences. Those dealing with them should be more patient and understanding of their emotional and other needs.-D’Jay Lazaro

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