Human rights group hits AFP Chief for warmongering behind peace talks

THE HUMAN RIGHTS group Karapatan lambasted AFP chief of staff Gen. Ricardo David Jr. as a warmonger for trying to stir up war despite efforts of the government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines to sit down and talk.

Gen. David was quoted by the media after the arrest of Alan Jazmines as saying that “arrests of this kind will continue to move on to achieve the country’ goal of reducing the enemies of the country’s citizens (sic).”

“Why could he not just say ‘people’ instead of the country’s citizens?  Is this ancient Rome? Well, one of the country’s citizens, AFP spokesman Gen. Jose Mabanta, said to the media last January that the military will no longer call
the CPP-NPA rebels as ‘communist terrorist’ in deference to ongoing efforts to revive peace negotiations.  At least, Mabanta unlike the AFP chief, knows who his enemies are and knows how to treat them with respect, ” Karapatan
spokesperson Jigs Clamor said.

“The AFP seems hellbent on sowing war to get more funds for their chief’s pasalubong and pabaon.  Worse, the statement of Gen. David, like a barbarian, runs roughshod over the on-going formal peace negotiations of his own government and the NDFP.  He doesn’t even give a damn to supreme civilian authority over the military.  He thinks he’s his own man in their unjust war that has never and could never solve the roots of the country’s armed conflicts.”

“Gen. David should take his cue from his commander-in-chief. It would also be nice and proper for him not to reduce the role of the AFP simply as an arresting unit for his so-called enemies of citizens. Jazmines should be freed as with all political prisoners,” Karapatan said.

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